Fish Culture program

Nature of the Project: Fish firming in the pond, River and bill.
Total Expenditure: 105,000.00

Achievable objectives:

i) To produce more fish to meet the demand of nutrition.
ii) To operate the income generating activities among the target
iii) To employ the poor and needy persons in this project.
iv) To make the water bodies useable that are unused.
Activities carried out:
a) Cultivated the water bodies.
b) Manure fingerlings and cow dung is purchased.
c) Supplied of water.
d) Fishing and selling.
e) Prepared report on income and expenditure.
a) Available fish production and nutrition
b) Extension and elaboration of project
c) Increased of income and expenditure
d) Financial Salvation of the beneficiaries
e) Unused water bodies are used
f) Available employment facilities

Making Vermi compost fertilizer:

The company has a cow rearing farm in a secluded environment in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenaidah district and has been collecting vermi-compost manure from the farm and supplying it to the farmers of the area at very low cost. As a result, on the one hand, farmers are able to use a fertilizer that does not damage the soil at a very low cost, on the other hand, the cost of cultivation is also reduced. As a result, this activity in the area has aroused a lot of response. I hope the activities will be faster if the company
gets any government support.