Poultry rearing Program

Nature of Project: Socio-economic development Awareness build-up.
Estimated Expenditure: Bangladesh currency Tk. 65,000.00


1) Individual and group motivation on poultry rearing program.
2) To form village basis poultry farm
3) Male & Female volunteers were trained on poultry program.
4) Motivation Campaign was conducted in the 25 above selected area to motivate on poultry rearing program.
5) To provide support for self-dependent of the target groups. Activities carried out: 1) DOLA MOHILA UNNAYANSANGSTHA obtained a lot of money from poultry program.
2) Target beneficiaries are facilitated to have future benefits through poultry program.
3) 15 poultry farm were established & maintained.
4) Poultry programs earn was Bangladesh Currency Tk 60000.00
5) Field workers trained 02
6) Group members trained 50
7) Prepared report on income & expenditure
8) Poultry production is running and selling