Nursery project (IGP) and a Forestation

Nature of project: Environment Development projects
Estimated Expenditure: 75,000.00

Achievable objectives:

a) To maintain the old nursery and its plants contained.
b) To produce 10,000 new sapling plants for free distribution and  plantation.
c) To distribute the plants among the target beneficiaries free of cost. Activities carried out:
i) Requisite fertile seeds bio and chemical fertilizer pesticides procured and purchased.
ii) Selected lands are ploughed and seeds bed prepared and mannered and duly rowed the seeds.
iii) Tendered sapling duly cared as the time maturing watering spraying pesticides.
iv) Demands collected from different Govt. offers and NGOs.
v) Target beneficiaries were informed and prepared demand list.
vi) Area selected and preparation was taken for scheduled plantation.
i) Achievement: DOLA MOHILA UNNAYANSANGSTHA obtained a lot of money by selling plants.
ii) Target beneficiaries are facilitated to have future benefits through plantation